Why Primet’s Cathode Powders?

Primet has engineered cathode powders with specific attributes such as size, shape, crystalline structure and surface area that can deliver targeted electrochemical properties to maximize the performance of a lithium-ion cell. Through our patented NanoScission® process, we can produce these powders at scale and lower costs.

Benefit of Primet’s Approach

Our material agnostic NanoScission® process and our fully engineered production system can dramatically reduce manufacturing cost and risk for cathode material production. Primet’s environmentally-friendly process technology delivers savings of up to 85% in both capital and operating costs while using lower-cost raw materials than the industry uses today. Our robust process enables the production of consistent product across a broad range of electrode materials, reducing the capital risks associated with introducing new materials.

Expertise in Multiple Chemistries

Primet has experience manufacturing multiple cathode chemistries which support the bulk of global battery demand.