Our Mission

Primet Precision Materials helps customers improve their performance by optimizing materials at the nano scale and delivering those improvements through sustainable, robust processes.

"Process and material improvements at the nanoscale have the potential to deliver incredible product and performance improvements. These seemingly small changes have the potential to change global markets and deliver huge benefits to society."

Robert Dobbs – Founder

Primet’s Process

Traditional chemical technologies to make small particles consume large amounts of energy and produce inferior inconsistent materials.

Primet’s environmentally-friendly process technology offers dramatic savings – up to 85% reductions in both capital and operating costs for nano scale material production.

Primet Delivers High Quality Materials Through Alternative Process Technologies

With over 20 years of experience working with nano & micron sized particles, our team of materials scientists have developed processes and technologies to optimize particle structures and produce over 100 different advanced materials.


NanoScission takes variable / lower cost raw materials and reduces them to < 100 nm.


Agglomeration assembles the fine particles into clusters of secondary particles.


Synthesis binds the secondary particles and completes the process.

Primet's manufacturing capabilities offer:

Volume versatility from batch to high tonnage.

Uniform reproducibility to levels previously not achievable.

Dramatically lower capital and facility requirements needed to process.